Prize draw Sunday!!!

The lucky winner of this awesome Quartz Rock Band (Official) pakage is:

Member #39 – Rasmus Welling

Congratulations Rasmus 😀

Now, this next week is a bit busy for me. I’m going to see Nick Mason’s Saucerfull of Secrets tomorrow and then I’m going to Kill-Town Death Fest. This means that you should not expect to hear much from us the next week. But I hope to see some of you out there! //Jeanette



Because of a late summer cold, the announcement is a bit late. Sorry about that!

The mighty Quartz Rock Band (Official) sent us a huge package of nice stuff last year. So much stuff, so that we still have a bit left.
Therefore, the prizes for the next prize draw will be this awesome package of Quartz merch:

– ”Satans Serenade” 12” EP. Original 1980 release from LOGO Records on blue vinyl.
– “Satans Serenade” official embroidered patch
– “Against All Odds” Promo CD

One lucky member of FMMF will be the winner of all of the above on Sunday sometime after 3 pm.

Remember to become a paying member, if you want your name in the draw. And if your membership is soon to run out, don’t forget to renew it.
The member ship is only 200 DDK (equivalent to 27 euro) per year!

Metal Magic Festival still needs all of your help!



Thank you all for sharing your best MMFXI moments with us!

It has been impossible for us to choose, as every shared moment brought a smile to our faces. Therefore, we have decided to do a draw, which of course only includes the 17 members, that shared their best MMF momemt with us.

The lucky winner of this special draw is:

Member #58 – Anker Fogh


You are able to choose one of three prizes:

1. The newest full lenght album from CHILDRENN (International Exit) on black vinyl. Signed by all four members of the band.

2. Turbocharged – Branded and Arrogant on black vinyl. A compilation featuring the demos from 2008 and 2009 plus some extra unreleased random private demo tracks from the band’s vault.

3. NECROPHOBIC t-shirt (size medium). Courtesy of Clandestine Music

Pictures of the different prizes can be seen below. The prizes Anker does not choose, you will of course have the chance to win in future prize draws.

The next prize draw will be announced soon!

Prize #1
Prize #2
Prize #3




Two weeks since that Magic Festival in a dry field of grass in Fredericia. Has all the fun and excellent concerts settled yet? And how did you all like the new tent with the small stage? We think it worked really great! Thank you to all the paying members that helped finance that.

Now for the announcement of a new prize draw.
We will do something new this time. We would love to hear about how great your festival was. So here are the terms:

1. Post a photo/video of your best MMF moment from this year as a comment to this post. You must discribe with a few words why it’s your best moment at the festival.

2. As only paying members can enter, please remember to post your membership number along with the photo/video. If you have forgotten your membership number, please write us a message or email, then we will refresh your memory 

3. If other people than yourself is on the photo/video please make sure that they are okay with the photo being made public.

4. In two weeks from now we will choose a winner among those who entered.

The prize will be a secret until the winner has been found. But we promise you it will be something awesome!!!

Let the posting commence!